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Our Strategy

Our three-step process begins with making sure the client has a strong foundation.

The bridge being built for you (your plan) is only as strong as the foundation it is built on.

Step 1 – lay/make sure we have a strong foundation – this helps protect against life uncertainties. This can consist of making sure the client has adequate insurance and/or cash on hand (emergency fund).

Once the foundation is secure, we move on to making sure we have a smooth driving surface. This surface helps the client start moving from one side of the bank (their present day) helping get them to the other side (their retirement vision).

Step 2 – start creating the smooth riding surface through thoughtful investing, targeting the appropriate rate of return, matching the client’s risk to the solutions that are in their best interest. The use of a Financial Plan helps us find the amount of investment dollars and targeted rate of return necessary to build the right surface for our client’s goals.

Once we have made sure that our client’s goals, can handle some of the life uncertainties that could undermine their long-term goals, and have laid out an appropriate investing plan, then we can start building our spans. These spans help our client’s make sure their income lasts a lifetime and beyond, if that is a goal of theirs.

Step 3 – Completing the structure to last a lifetime (based on client’s goals and objectives). This is where we use proper cash and investment planning. It could also use an annuity, if the client feels better with income certainty and additional protections.

Every client, every situation has its own unique “Bridge!” Let us help you build your Bridge to your to your future goals and objectives.