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At Bridgehead Financial Group, we believe many people lack professional guidance in today’s complex financial world. 

We also believe people are busier than ever, and desire simplicity.

If this sounds like you, let us show you a better way, by introducing you to our approach to comprehensive financial planning.

With our professional team on your side, your financial goals evolve from a general strategy to a fully integrated plan of action using our diverse skills in financial planning, investment management, insurance, tax and estate planning strategies.

Our value-added 4-step approach to serving clients includes:

  • Creating a personalized financial plan
  • Reviewing protection needs such as insurance, wills and trusts
  • Determining how much you need to save and where to invest to meet your goals, and
  • Maximizing retirement income with tax efficient distribution strategies

And it all starts with a personalized financial plan to serve as the roadmap for how we’ll support you today and in the future.

The plan takes into consideration all your accounts, no matter where they are held. And it will illustrate the likelihood of progress in funding your goals.

The plan we create then leads us to the appropriate products and services to help protect, accumulate and distribute your assets.

At Bridgehead Financial Group, we take money management seriously.

  • We build customized portfolios appropriate for your goals while aiming for expected returns for a given level of anticipated risk.
  • Next, we identify the items we can control, such as minimizing expenses, taxes and risk through diversification.  
  • Finally, portfolios are built with tax minimization and estate planning strategies in mind.
    With a broad base of skills and financial industry experience, Jacobson Financial Group brings innovative, comprehensive and personal planning strategies to families, businesses,professionals and executives.

If you see wisdom in our approach to financial planning, we should talk.

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